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MemoryBlogger Vivian Cumins Leaning Against Wall

I am a military wife (retired), bonus mom to two adult kids, Glammy to five grandkids, a career woman, and Jesus follower since childhood.

I am also a recovering perfectionist, control freak, and workaholic. My husband calls me Cupcake and says I am “something else,” which is a subtle way of saying I overdo everything. My mom claims that I can be “a bit much,” and according to my dad, I came out of the womb talking. I guess some things never change. I still talk a lot. Storytelling, mentoring women, and sharing lessons learned are my jam.

I love nostalgia. I enjoy reminiscing, swapping stories, and being inspired and encouraged by others’ experiences, testimonies, and miracles. I agree with Nintendo’s quit-screen warning that says, “Everything not saved will be lost.” I believe in legacy.

The inspiration behind MemoryBlogger came in 2021 while conducting research for a biography I was writing. That experience revealed surprising information regarding the main character’s identity. He was not who he thought he was. Neither was his father. The discovery generated more questions than answers, as those who had the answers—who knew the truth—had already passed. With the help of Ancestry.com, public records, and some pretty impressive investigation skills (if I do say so myself!), the main character and I were able to piece together enough of the untold story to give the family clarity and closure.

This experience left a strong impression on me. It invoked a desire to chronicle my own stories, life experiences, and testimonies. This quickly evolved into the creation of MemoryBlogger, a web-based community of friends who share the same appetite for storytelling and legacy-building.



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