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MemoryBlogger Vivian Cumins Leaning Against Wall

Hi! My name is Vivian, but everyone calls me Viv. I am the wife of a retired Air Force veteran, mom to two bonus-children, and a “Glammy” to five grandkids. I was born and raised in Oklahoma until the age of 21, when the Air Force swooshed me away to faraway lands. Currently, I spend the workweek researching and writing policy and regulations, but in my downtime, I like to travel, read, write, and binge-watch documentaries.

The inspiration behind MemoryBlogger struck in December 2018, although I did not realize it back then. Rather, my focus at that time was on conducting research and interviewing the subject of a biography I was writing. During the course of this journey, some surprising information surfaced regarding the subject’s family history and true identity. This discovery sparked a ton of questions. Unfortunately, the individuals we believed had the answers had all passed years earlier. Luckily, with the help of Ancestry.com, DNA comparison, and public records, we have been able to piece much of the history together, although some questions may remain unanswered in this lifetime.

This experience led me to realize I wanted to create a space where people can not only escape for a bit and get lost in their memories but also share and preserve those memories for future generations.

So, let’s get started, shall we? What are some of your fondest memories?


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