Author: Becca Robinson

The kitchen has always been my favorite room in the house. It is where I find comfort, memories, peace, and happiness. It is certainly not about the food that gets cooked there. The food that comes out of my kitchen is not great, but the memories are. When I reflect on memories of my life, some of the best ones were made in the kitchen. It is my and my family’s favorite place to hang out. If you come to my house, you will rarely find us spending time together on the couch. We can usually be found sitting at the bar in the kitchen. I am not sure why it is this way; it just is. Maybe it is because it was my mother’s favorite place, so it became mine.

Throughout my childhood, my mom would turn on country and western music and she would dance us around the kitchen for hours. I remember dancing, singing, and laughing the entire time. I also remember sitting at the table doing my homework, watching her prepare dinner, and having small chats with her. My dad often cooked breakfast on the weekends. I loved sitting in the kitchen talking to him while he cooked. To this day when I smell breakfast food, my mind goes back in time to those memories in the kitchen with them. On the weekends my mom would say, “Let’s go to the kitchen and create something!” We would make the strangest foods that never turned out right! But we had lots of laughs while doing it. The kitchen was a fun place to be in our home.

Naturally, when I got married and we had children of our own, we all congregated in the kitchen. We cooked together. We baked and decorated cookies from Halloween until New Year’s. My children and my husband cooked me breakfast on Mother’s Day. I loved watching them all come together in the kitchen to make me a special meal. There is usually music playing and a little dancing. Family game nights at the kitchen table were a weekly event in our home. For the last 25 years, my husband has spun me around the kitchen. He cannot help himself. When there is music on, and I am in the kitchen, he has to grab me and spin me around the “dance floor.” It does not matter what I am in the middle of doing. Eventually, we started kitchen karaoke nights on the weekends. We sit at the bar and sing our favorite songs. The singing always turns into dancing. We sing, dance, and reminisce about the great life we have had together – these nights with my husband are my favorite nights of all. 

Now, when our grown children, grandchildren, family, and friends come to visit you can find us standing in the kitchen talking and laughing. I hope everyone has a special place in their home that makes them feel the way me and my family feel when we are in the kitchen.