The Cigarette Fights Back

Smoldering Cigarette

The Cigarette Fights Back

I’m a small little thing,

Not much in cost,

But smoke me awhile

And I’ll show you whose boss.

You killed my great Grandpa

To win a childish dare,

By the time you were twenty

You just didn’t care.

You’ve stomped me, you’ve burned me,

You’ve given me away,

Just keep on inhaling,

I’ll get even some day.

Your eye balls are burning,

Your lungs are on fire,

You’ve got my dead brothers

All over your car.

You’ve dropped a half dozen

On the wife’s newest rug.

That’s not anyway to get a big hug,

You think a good meal is some kind of joke.

You say, “Aw I’m not hungry,

I’ll just have me a smoke.

Hubert K. Mandrell



Grandpa Mandrell