Author: Vivian Cumins

Assumptions, accusations, pity, and blame

 All emit from a society, uneducated in me

Questions, inquiries, probes, and shame

Try to blanket my existence; why can’t they see?

Offspring is tied to a woman’s worth

But her significance is rooted deep within

Her value is not attached to giving birth

A childless womb does not equal sin

A nurturing spirit is a gift from above

But some narrow it in scope

You don’t get to decide whom God gave me to love

For when He made me, He gave her hope

Two broken spirits, a single dad, and disrupted life

God chose to heal us, one-by-one-by one

Our lives were changed when I became his wife

Abandonment faded – I became her bonus-mom

Women nurture their kids, pets, and children of others

These words reflect  my life – my fable

There are many like me – idle wombs, yet loving mothers

Respect a woman – judge not, nor label